Kids' Snack-n-Play Travel Tray (Available in 5 colors)

  • $52.86

Remember the days when you could have people sit in your back seat without getting cheerios and toys stuck to their pants?

Well, those days can be again! The Kid's Snack-n-Play Travel Tray will help you keep it all together, clean and easy.


  • DUAL PURPOSE – Playing and snacking just became easier to manage with this kiddie tray. Its flat surface prevents food, gadgets and toys from falling so kids can eat freely while playing on-the-go.  
  • PRACTICAL & FUNCTIONAL – Features a cup holder plus built-in pockets for stowing drinks, books, and other items. These pouches are easy to reach and preventing spillage and messes.
  • SAFE & DURABLE – This portable table comes with built-in reinforcement straps to secure your child while in the car seat or stroller. It is made from material that won’t easily rip.
  • EASY TO CLEAN – Designed especially for kids’ use, this waterproof snack and play desk can easily be wiped clean. Its high sides also prevent items from falling out and making a mess on the floor.  
  • PERFECT FOR GIFTING – Surprise your children on their birthday or Christmas. Even other parents will be happy when you give this multipurpose tray as a present to their kids!
  • Size: 40*32*5 cm
  • Material Type: Nylon



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