Woofer Breathable Dog Backpack (Available in 4 colors & 4 sizes)

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It's always good to keep your friends close. Now you can take your Woofer with you on the go!

This breathable polyester backpack allows you to bring your best friend with you wherever you go. It's perfect for all breeds up to 88 lb (40kg). Available in 4 colors.


SMALL- Bust: 23.6-26in (60-66cm), Length: 17in (43cm), Neck: 11.8-15.7in (30-40cm), Load Bearing: 0-11 lbs (0-5kg)

MEDIUM- Bust: 27.5-30in (70-76cm), Length: 19.7in (50cm), Neck: 13.7-17.7in (35-45cm), Load Bearing: 8.8-49 lbs (4-9kg)

LARGE- Bust: 29.5-31.5in (75-80cm), Length: 22.8in (58cm), Neck: 15.7-19.7in (40-50cm), Load Bearing: 17.6-39.6 lbs (8-18kg)

X LARGE- Bust: 32.6-37in (83-94cm), Length: 26.7in (68cm),  Neck: 18.9-24.8in (48-63cm), Load Bearing: 35.2-66 lbs (16-30kg)



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