Sippit Reusable Straw - Natural

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SIPPIT is the reusable, sustainable, three part, full size drinking straw with a cleaning brush in a watertight tube.
The planet is in crisis. To clarify, massive islands of discarded plastics are floating in our oceans. Certainly, single use plastic straws have contributed in large to this emergency. This is because they are too small to sort well in recycling stations. As a result, they slip through and become part of landfills. Next, they get swept to sea with our increased extreme rainfalls and kill the gentle creatures that swim the seas.

Make conscious choices about not engaging in the use of single use plastic products and do it, one choice at a time.

There are many an alternatives popping up for those who like or need to sip and here is what we have found in our investigations:
  • Stainless steel is hard in the mouth and can carry a metallic taste.
  • Silicone straws are floppy, feel strange and never feel as if they are totally clean.
  • Silicone and steel straw combos are just two odd in-the-mouth materials in one thing.
  • Glass straws…Yea…no.
  • Paper straws do not hold up. They “melt”, get weird and are annoying.
  • Bamboo straws are cool, but difficult to travel with and keep clean on the go.
For the Active, the On-the-Go and the Eco-Conscious, we present SIPPIT.

Unlike other reusable straws, SIPPIT can be used for warm drinks as well as cold. Subsequently, our straw is made of BPA-free wheat straw composite, feels gentle to the touch and is very pleasant to sip through. Plus, the container tube floats and is easily clipped with it’s carabiner to your backpack, belt or keychain.

Just say NO to harmful, single use plastic and fall-apart flimsy paper straws. Therefore, keep SIPPIT clipped right at hand for your trip, the movies or at home with your leisurely cold drink.

In addition, it weighs in at just under one ounce!

We are proud members of 1% for the Planet. Your purchase contribution helps supports eco non-profits around the globe.

Make the right choice for our planet and sip with a SIPPIT.

2 x 2 x 8 in.



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